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Our therapy services are a blend of evidenced-based, traditional therapies and experiential and creative therapies that are customized and taylored to meet the needs, preferences and abilities of each client, Individual, group and family counseling is conducted in our office at Yoga Sol in Delray Beach. Issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, codependency, relationships, behavioral and adjustment issues are amoung the many challenges we can assist with.

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Our On-Site Program consists of a multi-faceted approach, with therapy, coaching, parenting education and school based services at your home and/or child's school. These proven methodologies, used by mental health agencies throughout Florida and Nationally, are an effective and productive approach to behavioral health in school age children. If your child's behavior is difficult to manage, if they are often distracted or irritable, defiant or won't follow directions, are non-communicative, have difficulty in school, are disorganized ot forgetful, these may be signs of behavioral health issues and your child may benefit from this program.

Other services include:


Breathwork Coaching

Equine Assisted Therapy

Group and Individual Parenting Classes

Mind Body Connection