"Elizabeth Ossip is a meticulous, dedicated and compassionate Social Worker. She has an innate love for others and an empathetic personality, Ms. Ossip works with me assisting in experiential workshops. My clients love and adore her." Lori Reyes, MSW

"Elizabeth Ossip, LCSW has proved that much time and great care can benefit a child's need and overall progress. I am grateful for all the help she provided for my son and I, and her contribution will always be much appreciated." A.M.

"Elizabeth is truly an angel and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Without her wisdom, love, compassion, insight and guidance, I cannot imagine how I would have processed the transitioning of my grandmother and have the relationships I do today. Through my journey with Elizabeth I have released old energies, old patterns and
blockages and become more conscious, more aware and ultimately more accepting of myself. My heart has opened and I have achieved a new sense of clarity. Elizabeth introduced me to Equine Breath-work with a gorgeous horse, Mariah and this has enabled me to reach a new level of presence in the moment, process feelings about my birth, and develop an incredible bond and trust with an amazing animal.
I recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is seeking enlightenment, clarity, spiritualguidance, and wishing to reach their fullest potential." MT