What is Breath-Work?

Integrative Breath-Work, sometimes referred to as Rebirthing Breath-Work, is simply a breathing technique for greater well being of body, mind and spirit. The technique was developed by Leonard Orr in the early to mid 1970s and later by Sondra Ray, but different forms of conscious breathing have been practiced in many cultures and disciplines throughout history as a means for purification and self-awareness. The name Rebirthing comes from the common effect of remembering and healing birth trauma.

The birth experience is for all of us a profound change. Even under the most ideal circumstances it is powerful, often painful and possibly traumatic. A state of amnesia seems to be created, possibly by a hormonal response, but the event may remain in the subconscious. Our birth experience and first impressions of life outside the womb can create deeply ingrained patterns and responses to stimuli that may continue throughout our life. Our perceptions of ourselves, our relationship to others and to life itself can be greatly influenced by unconscious thoughts. Clearing, releasing and changing these old thought patterns can have a positive effect on present day life.

During a breath-work session you are guided to a fuller, freer, more energetic breath. This can increase energy, reduce stress, cleanse and purify. It also seems to often create a state that allows old thought patterns and memories to release, dissolving and healing trauma. Every session is unique, however some common experiences are relaxation, a sense of energy, heightened awareness, emotional release, release of birth and other significant trauma, and an overall feeling of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Breath-Work is not respiratory or physical therapy, psychotherapy, past life regression, hypnosis, yoga, meditation, hyperventilation or religious practice. It is simply a breathing process, which holistically purifies and energizes, enabling us to be closer to our true self. When practiced in a group or individually on a regular basis (a minimum of ten sessions is recommended) with a professional Breath Work coach, remarkable results are often experienced.

Elizabeth Ossip, LCSW, has been a practicing Breath-Work Coach in South Florida since 1991. She began her training in 1986 and has trained extensively with Sondra Ray and other predominant professionals in the field. Elizabeth’s groups and individual sessions continue to influence many local Breath-Work practitioners and individuals throughout South Florida. Private or group sessions are available. For more information or to register call 561-756-6033.